DFW 1 Learning Outcomes

Date: September 30, 2013
Student: Greg Bem (MLIS Candidate)
Adviser: Margaret Bywater
DFW Site: Open Development Cambodia (ODC), EWMI Cambodia
Site Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Learning Outcomes
The following overarching themes for educational outcomes are general enough to accommodate pre-determined responsibilities as well as potential responsibilities while at ODC, as well as during my travels throughout Cambodia. As described in the final section of this document, there is potential for additional major and minor outcomes to arise depending on unforeseen opportunities, and these will be taken into account as well through a heightened consciousness and a responsive intellect.

  • Gain a holistic understanding of the information landscape in Cambodia including the research and information needs of Cambodian students and researchers through the following:
  • Online and offline libraries and information centers.
  • Media and content use in digital and non-digital environments.
  • Communication and information exchange technology.
  • Explore the value of open access/open data in a library environment through the following:
  • Library systems and information technology.
  • Resource and project collaboration.
  • Outreach and dialogue between NGOs, institutions, and the government.
  • Enhance pre-existing library skills and information professional knowledge by way of:
  • Open source ILS “NewGenLib” – Catalog and OPAC.
  • Database communications and structures.
  • Core website design/functionality relative to similar websites, including site taxonomy.
  • Become introduced to digital library marketing through:
  • Social media campaigns a la Twitter and Facebook.
  • Blogging and site content curation.
  • In-person library promotion at local events.
  • Understand introductory library project management by way of:
  • Digital cloud project management software.
  • Task assignment, skill training, and on-going evaluation of involved team members.
  • Legacy training and future-planning document creation.

Tasks and Projects
The learning outcomes will be based on predetermined and to-be-determined tasks. Tasks are defined as elements of projects being conducted on-site and off-site. Broad, on-site projects include the digital library, the digital mapping tools, and the general website design; internal database and taxonomy construction; project management; resource research; outreach and marketing; and public organizational representation. The key off-site project is the exploration of other information centers, libraries, and information grounds within the city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Ongoing/Pre-Determined Responsibilities

The following list of responsibilities is officially listed in the TOR with ODC for the internship.

Library and Information Management:

  • Develop and manage various modalities for aggregating content for the library.
  • Develop and initiate vocabulary protocols and standards for tagging of library content.
  • Ensure the taxonomy of the site, the library collections, and other files are maintained, regularly update, and reviewed.
  • Develop and manage various digital modalities for sharing information.
  • Contribute to and advise ODC’s social media and other ICT to focus on and promote ODC’s digital library.
  • Contribute to and provide general advice for ODC’s database development.
  • Assist in creating processes for notebook archiving.
  • Research and implement procedures for collecting non-textual documents, including infographics, videos, and other digital media.

Outreach Optimization:

  • Train and guide volunteers in data entry, content uploads, and application of vocabulary protocols as needed.
  • Advise ODC staff on tagging, geo-tagging, and content curation as requested.
  • Help negotiate and advise institutional partnerships/contributions for library content aggregation.
  • Survey and explore other libraries and information centers within Phnom Penh to assist in resource aggregation.
  • Construct procedures for resource collection/retrieval and support ODC’s information flow.

Potential Responsibilities
While the responsibilities above have been pre-defined, this internship is not limited to the scope of those above. Due to the nature of the ODC project, new opportunities to learn may arise at any time. These may be related to any of the general and specific learning outcomes described at the beginning of this document, or they may arise in part to challenge and opportunity throughout my experiences with ODC and Margaret Bywater. Regardless of the tasks and projects that arise, however, decisions on pursuing these opportunities will be discussed and measured with my adviser, and ODC management, to ensure value and relevance to the DFW.


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