Second Term, Second Grace

Greetings to all those who have been following my trek through Cambodia and the world of information. I have had a significant break, but the new academic quarter has begun and I am now on my way to new library opportunities. First and foremost, I have to confess that the internship with ODC has turned into a part time job with ODC. Secondly, I’m working part time at FCC doing marketing (social media management and newsletter/blog writing). Thirdly, I’ve been doing some freelance copy writing Fourthly, I’m taking three classes: Capstone, Information Literacy, and another Directed Field Work (DFW) internship. So it’s a busy life, and I’ll have to keep this update short.

The internship will be with the Cambodia Library Association. Under the supervising of MAO Kolap, who I have mentioned in the past, who is the librarian at PUC here in Phnom Penh, I will be creating information literacy instruction materials for library staff people. The media form these materials will take are as follows: booklet, digital slideshow, and in-person training. The latter will be done in March as a pilot that will be used on a test group before Kolap moves on to work with other audiences, including professors and students.

All in all, it’s still just as exciting being in Cambodia now as when I first arrived. While I feel I’ve learned a lot, I certainly haven’t learned anything, and would never consider myself an authority, but I’m slowly getting more and more experienced, in good ways and bad ways. One thing that will not be going on this quarter is the weekly blog post. Originally it was set to be; however, my academic adviser for this quarter, Lorraine Bruce, has advised me to focus my writing and presentation efforts on a static page that can be displayed to interested parties. I’ve come to grips with this idea and since I’m already wring so much for the project itself, it seems logical to keep the time on the blog to a minimum.

So that’s it. I’m going to keep it at that and direct you to check out the page on Information Literacy which will be displayed somewhere on this site in the very near future. If you have any questions or feedback, comment here or send me an email, if you know how to find me!