Cambodian Information Literacy

This page represents the resources generated during a Directed Field Work (or DFW, which is a type of internship) with the Cambodian Library Association during the Winter academic quarter of 2014. The project is specifically geared toward understanding the state of education in Cambodia, specifically stemming from Phnom Penh and working outward, and then going on to develop training materials in conjunction with the acquired knowledge. These training materials, which will be posted below, along with results from a pilot test training, include a booklet and slideshow presentations.

To view the learning outcomes of the DFW, please visit this page.

Note: the files linked to on this page may be updated as they are revised. Last update: 10 March.


Click here to download an introduction to this DFW and project.

Training Book – Sections

May, 2014 Update: Previously the individual training sections were offered as individual files, but since editing the main PDF, it is more efficient to link directly to the whole document and the appendixes only. Click below to download the training PDF used for the library staff pilot training in Information Literacy (IL).

Click here to download the entire training in one .PDF. Note: does not include appendices or sample papers or Powerpoint.

  1. Appendix: Glossary
  2. Appendix: Resource Examples

Powerpoint Presentation

Click here to download the original slideshow used for the library staff pilot training in IL.

Two additional Powerpoints used during the training: one and two.

Supplement: Pre- and Post-Training Tests for Library Staff

Click here to download the test materials used to gauge library staff knowledge of IL concepts prior to and following the pilot training.

Supplement: Unsatisfactory Paper Example

The following paper is available to download. The real student paper is exemplary of poor writing and research practices by an anonymous Cambodian university student. This papers is from 2013-2014.

  1. Wangari Maathai

Supplement: Satisfactory Paper Examples

The following papers are available to download. These real student papers are exemplary of high quality writing and research practices by Cambodian university students. These papers are from 2013-2014. All papers below have been made anonymous.

  1. The Difficulties of Mars Exploration
  2. Wind Power: Pros and Cons


Click here to download a personal statement from Greg Bem reflecting upon the DFW experience.


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