My recap of library work in Cambodia

From a write-up I posted on the ODC blog:

Regardless of society, culture, nationality, political climate, technological access and innovation, job, gender, profession, and so on, everyone needs high quality information to tackle their daily problems, and it’s been my goal to pursue how that is best accomplished. From strict, conservative library catalogs, to sleek mobile technology, to web platforms that weave stories, the exploration of information provisions has been aligned with my poetic self for years.

But how does that relate to Cambodia and ODC, and why? Cambodia’s held a special place in my heart for a number of years after I encountered it (slightly) with a Cambodian American in Philly. Cambodia does not exactly come up often in American history books (despite the very recent history), which is a reason I wanted to study it even more, get insight into it, and explore it from a fresh, blank perspective.

Read the entire post and share your thoughts with me. I’m hoping to, in the near future, explore the library work and my exposure to libraries and information providers in Cambodia in greater detail.